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SAT Application Procedure

Registration for SAT:

There are three methods of registration for the SAT:

Online: The quickest method to register for the test is the online method. However to pay the registration fee online, one should have a credit card which could be any of the following:

Visa, MasterCard, Discover, JCB or American Express

For online registration of SAT, go to the site of College Board. A link for the same has been provided here:

However, you cannot register online if:

  1. You are registering for the first time for Sunday testing.
  2. You are testing in Kenya, Nigeria, Benin, Togo, or Ghana.
  3. You are younger than 13 years old at the time of registration (applies primarily to Talent Search).
  4. You are registering for School-based ELPT.
  5. Mail: Registration by mail is available for anyone, and necessary if you require special testing arrangements. Payment can be made by check, money order, or credit card.

To order the registration bulletin free of cost, log on to the following website:

The bulletin contains the registration form and the return envelope apart from information related to test dates, registration deadlines, fees, instructions, test center codes, etc. Your completed registration form must be returned in the envelope provided with proper payment.

Phone: You can re-register by phone if you wish to register for the SAT or SAT Subject Test again.

Please note that you cannot register for the SAT by phone the first time you register.

The additional fee for telephone re-registration is $10. Credit card is required, the same as in Online registration.

  1. Using a fee waiver for payment
  2. Requesting testing closer to home
  3. Testing in Kenya
  4. Taking the school-based ELPT™ in April


Securing admission in the right institution!

University selection is probably the most important decision that a student has to make in the application process.

Hence it is important to select the right university that will give you admission based on your aptitude and academic background and will fulfill your long term career goals.

To determine the appropriate schools and programs, Wisdom Mart begins with a detailed analysis of academic credentials. We discuss what a student wishes to achieve from the program and provide answers for all student's queries regarding admission process. We always consider a student's geographical, financial and climatic preferences at the time of admission and undertake the following set of services.

Engage in detailed and extensive one to one counselling to understand your educational requirements and match those with the Univeristy's prerequisites.

  • Short-list universities basaed on your choice, standardized test scores and academic performance.
  • FAcilitate the admission process and fulfill all university requirements
  • Help students edit the university specific Essay LOR, SOR Resume etc.
  • Offer guidance for acquiring financial support
  • Follow up with universities till the receipt of all essential document5s.


Write ups like statement of purpose, letters of recommendation, university specific essays play a vital role in guaranteering admission to candidates. the aspirants need expert help and guidance for the preparation of such documents. Our group of experienced and highly proficient editors and writers offer support to candidates by reviewing the essays critically. This is a meticulously but rewarding process ensuring authenticity and accuracy of expression

Visa Counselling

The visa is the official permission granted by any country to legally enter that country's national territory. For securing the Visa of any country, you have to apply to the consulate office of that country in India. We help candidates with guidance and support during the whole process as some of the procedures are tedious and complicated. The preparation for the all important and much dreaded VISA interview is our USP. Our candidates come back with happy smiles from the embassy; therefore Wisdom Mart helps to ensure that your aspirations are accompanied by the stamp of success and that you attain your dream of studying abroad.


We, at Wisdom Mart, ensure that the admission process ia a cakewalk for you. We solve all admission related problems involving information, materials, procedures and contacts and offer complete assistance throughout the admission process at a reasonable cost. With our guidance and assistanship, students acquire an exclusive cutting edge over other applicants in the race for admission in US universities.

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